Join us on October 25 at Youth Rise Up Conference!

Please join the New York State Youth Leadership Council and TeachDream at a training for high school students and their teachers on Saturday October 25. Email was sent out a couple of days ago, but please note the location change. Fill out the form to join the listserv if you have any questions!
Register below:



The rest of this website is an initial compilation of websites, articles and contacts that have been useful to us as educators (broadly defined) in supporting undocumented students and their families. It includes information and references to organizations and people to better help guide undocumented students, especially in New York City public schools.

If you…

  • Wonder what legal pathways are available to your students, check out the Legal Pathways page, including the list of FREE LEGAL SERVICE PROVIDERS in NYC
  • Want to start a DREAM Team at your school, check out the DreamTeam page
  • Wonder what options are available to students after high school, check out tips in the Post High School page and/or the College page
  • Want to learn or share strategies to incorporate immigration issues in your classroom and make your classroom a safe space check out the Class Resources page and the Safe Space Visuals page
  • Are a social worker counseling undocumented youth, check out the Health and Well-being page

And be sure to hit up the websites of these great organizations:

  • New York State Youth Leadership Council: Undocumented Youth Leading Change
  • Educators for Fair Consideration: Empowering undocumented young people in their pursuit of college, career and citizenship (Bay Area)

Note: Undocumented, in this guide, is used to refer to students who do not have legal residency status in the United States. They may have come 10 years ago, or 10 days ago. They may have come by air or by their own two feet. They may have overstayed a visa or may never have gotten one. Either way, they are in our classrooms.

Join our listserv! Or send us feedback. Or both!

Declaration of Immigration

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