Join us at our next meeting:
You are invited to a meeting of TeachDream, NYCoRE’s working group dedicated to organizing educators to support undocumented youth.  This month’s meeting is a great opportunity to get involved with shaping our work in 2016.
We will discuss:
  • Developments and ways to be active in the ICE-Free NYC campaign, which we have endorsed
  • Upcoming conference workshops at NYCoRE and the Museum of the City of New York
  • Our efforts to develop and spread Know Your Rights information in response to ICE raids and police encounters at our schools.  Check out our website to see our statement against the ICE raids and sign our petition!
We need everybody to build our movement of educators standing up for migrant justice in New York.  Put this meeting in your calendar and join us!
February 24th, 6:00-8:00 PM.  
RSVP to  Location TBD in Manhattan.


As teachers, educators and school support staff in schools with students and families of all immigration statuses, we oppose the Obama administration’s directives that have resulted in early morning fear-inducing raids within our communities. At a time when presidential candidate Donald Trump calls for the deportation of all immigrants and insults Muslims and Mexicans in particular, we are disgusted that the Obama administration tacitly supports xenophobia through these intentionally disruptive and violent tactics in our communities. These raids are not new for those with convictions for misdemeanors from decades ago to the present. Those labeled as felons with misdemeanors are our students, their parents, siblings and neighbors who have been caught up in racist and punitive policing policies of the last 40 years. ICE continues to separate children from parents and to make parents and children fearful of any state institution including schools and hospitals. We are worried about our students. We are worried about their parents, their aunts and uncles, our neighbors, our friends and loved ones.
These raids are not new, but the press attention to it now raises new questions about the government’s priorities and whose lives matter. Not one more.
As New York City public school teachers, we ask Mayor Bill de Blasio to make NYC a sanctuary city, like Philadelphia did just days ago, and to go beyond simply providing a city ID for all residents of this city. Our communities need more than identification, they need protection from a broken immigration system and a broken policing system. ICE-FREE NYC.


The rest of this website is an initial compilation of websites, articles and contacts that have been useful to us as educators (broadly defined) in supporting undocumented students and their families. It includes information and references to organizations and people to better help guide undocumented students, especially in New York City public schools.

If you…

  • Wonder what legal pathways are available to your students, check out the Legal Pathways page, including the list of FREE LEGAL SERVICE PROVIDERS in NYC
  • Want to start a DREAM Team at your school, check out the DreamTeam page
  • Wonder what options are available to students after high school, check out tips in the Post High School page and/or the College page
  • Want to learn or share strategies to incorporate immigration issues in your classroom and make your classroom a safe space check out the Class Resources page and the Safe Space Visuals page
  • Are a social worker counseling undocumented youth, check out the Health and Well-being page

And be sure to hit up the websites of these great organizations:

Note: Undocumented, in this guide, is used to refer to students who do not have legal residency status in the United States. They may have come 10 years ago, or 10 days ago. They may have come by air or by their own two feet. They may have overstayed a visa or may never have gotten one. Either way, they are in our classrooms.

Join our listserv! Or send us feedback. Or both!

Declaration of Immigration

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